Welcome to Class 4

Codename: The Owls
Class Teacher: Mrs C Couchman, BA Ed (Hons), PGCE
Classroom Assistant: Mrs R Reynolds


“Welcome to Owls’ webpage. Here you will find everything you need in order to support your child’s learning.”

Times Tables

Home Learning

Every week, the children bring home some words that they need to master spelling. We will be teaching those spellings during the week in class and testing them on Fridays, giving the children the whole week to practice both in class and at home. We will also test the children at the end of every term, in order to assess how much they have retained.

Times Tables

Once you know your tables off by heart you never have to learn them again! Those of you who mastered that as a child know this to be true, those who didn’t probably still have to work them out and can’t instantly recall them.

“By the end of year 6, pupils should be fluent in written methods for all four operations, including long multiplication and division, and in working with fractions, decimals and percentages.”

 (This can only be achieved with secure times tables and related division facts)

Techniques to help learn tables

  • Chant them (once 2 is 2 etc)
  • Sing the times tables songs we are learning in class, make up their own songs, dances and actions!
  • Chant them forwards, backwards, randomly (it may help to have them written in front of them to start with so that chanting in rhythm correctly – remove or cover facts as they get more confident).
  • Have flash cards – play pairs with them (eg. 16    4x4)
  • Put their tables up around their bedroom – chant them looking at the tables – take one table down each day – encourage them to still look to where it had been displayed (this helps them to visualise it).
  • Online games – they have fun with these and it helps consolidate their learning 
  • Race against themselves – have random tests – they have to do it quicker each time

Children will be given a weekly test in the form of Karate tables, where the children work through a series of belts. You are very welcome to come and have a look at our class display at any time!

Weekly Spellings for Year 6

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Curriculum Overview


Think U Know


Find out more about the National Curriculum

If you’d like to find out more about the National Curriculum, you can visit the official National Curriculum website by clicking here. Alternatively, your child’s classroom teacher will always answer any questions that you have, or you can click on the image to download the Department of Education’s National Curriculum Framework document.

The national curriculum in England - Framework document