Welcome to Class 4

Codename: The Owls
Class Teacher: Mrs S O’Neon  MMSc, PGCE,
Classroom Assistant: Mrs T Bryant

Welcome to Owls’ webpage. Here you will find everything you need in order to support your child’s learning

What are we learning this term?

Learning will be mainly organised around Dinosaurs and Fossils this term, with an exciting visit to the Natural History Museum in London on Thursday 13th September 2018. Please look at the Termly overview for more details.

Weekly Home Learning

We believe that Home Learning is a vital way to support and extend the learning that is happening in school.  I have planned a system of Home Learning which I feel our children (and parents) will enjoy and thrive from.  For this to be fully effective, though, I need parents support and I ask that parents work through the following tasks with their child; supporting and extending their learning as is necessary.

Each week our children will be expected to:

Read every day to an adult: 30 minutes

Our children will bring home a school reading book which they will be expected to read and discuss with an adult every night.  We ask parents to make a note of their reading each night in their Home-School Contact Book.

Complete a Spelling task.
All children will be sent home with a list of spellings to learn at home.  They will also have a short spelling task to complete in their Home Learning books. Spellings will be set each Friday and Home Learning books will be collected in each Tuesday, ready for marking.  There will be an informal spelling test each week to allow teachers to assess the children’s progress.

Complete a Maths task.
A short Maths task will also be sent home each week on a Thursday.  The tasks will be ability based, but will aim to develop our children’s confidence with number.  As with the spellings, all tasks will be due in on Tuesdays, ready for marking, and the children’s progress will be tested informally in class.

Learning Experience Learning

In addition to the above tasks, Home Learning tasks will be sent home when Learning Experiences are launched (on the first day of each new topic).  Children will be given a choice of tasks which are suited to different learning styles (e.g. learning alone, learning through reading, writing and speaking, learning through art, etc) and they will be expected to complete at least one of the tasks, each week.

All tasks will be explained to the children before the sheets are sent home, but I ask parents to speak to me or message me via dojo  if they have any further questions.  I would like the children to really focus on completing a high quality piece of work, ready to be shared with their own and other classes.  I ask that parents support their children with these tasks, and encourage them to complete the work in as much detail as they can.

All Home Learning will be displayed in school and prizes will be given for the best pieces of Home Learning.

Techniques to help learn tables

  • Chant them (once 2 is 2 etc)
  • Sing the times tables songs we are learning in class, make up their own songs, dances and actions!
  • Chant them forwards, backwards, randomly (it may help to have them written in front of them to start with so that chanting in rhythm correctly – remove or cover facts as they get more confident).
  • Have flash cards – play pairs with them (eg. 16    4×4)
  • Put their tables up around their bedroom – chant them looking at the tables – take one table down each day – encourage them to still look to where it had been displayed (this helps them to visualise it).
  • Online games – they have fun with these and it helps consolidate their learning 
  • Race against themselves – have random tests – they have to do it quicker each time

Children will be given a weekly test in the form of Karate tables, where the children work through a series of belts. You are very welcome to come and have a look at our class display at any time!

Term 1

Term 2

“I am always happy to discuss any concern or issue, so please do come and talk things through with me either at the beginning or at the end of the day. I hope that throughout the year, we can work together so your child achieves his / her full potential.”

Mrs Sandra O’Neon

The National Curriculum

If you’d like to find out more about the National Curriculum, you can visit the official National Curriculum website by clicking here. Alternatively, your child’s classroom teacher will always answer any questions that you have, or you can click on the image to download the Department of Education’s National Curriculum Framework document.