Welcome to Class 3

Codename: The Woodpeckers
Class Teachers:
Mrs S Blunt, BSc (Hons), PGCE
Mrs S McCaffrey, BA/Ed (Hons) Sports Science
Classroom Assistant: Mrs S Burgoyne

“Now you are a Junior you will be able to change your reading book when you finish it and then ask Mrs Burgoyne to add it to your homework diary.  Every Monday and Friday, Mrs Burgoyne will check your homework diaries to see how well you are doing with your reading. 

Where will you get to on our reading chart by the end of the school year? Who will receive a Platinum reading award for reading 100 books?”

This Term


In Maths, we will be concentrating on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

This will include mental strategies, using number lines and formal written methods, and applying to every day problem solving situations.

We will also be learning about time and money, and using the four operations to help solve problems involving them.

We will also be looking at fractions of shape, 2D and 3D shapes, and converting units of measure (kg, g, l, ml, m, cm, mm)


This term, during Fictional writing, we will be looking at Fables and stories in  familiar settings.

We will be finding out about information texts, instructions and explanations in non-fiction writing.

Our poetry topics are image poems and poetic form. 

Spellings are given out termly, and will need to be learned for a test at the end of the six week term.


Living Things and Their During Science, we will be looking at Rocks and States of Matter.



With Mrs McCaffrey we will be taking PE and we will need our T-shirts, shorts and plimsolls.  We will be able to wear tracksuit bottoms in the colder months outside.


We will be looking at E-Safety and creating group Blogs


In RE,

In RE, Mrs Reynolds will be discussing Judaism, synagogue and rabbi with us and then Christianity Pilgrames,      Canterbury Cathedral, and Places of  Pilgrimage.


Creative Learning

Creative Learning continues to involve Art, Design Technology, Music, Geography and History.  We are finding out about Iceland and Hawaii, and the Artist, Bridget  Riley.  Year 4s will be having Guitars led by a member of KCC music while Year 3s will have music with Mrs Curtin.

Spelling test – Tuesday 27th March

Revision of Year 2 Spellings

Revision Spellings
flies cried
tries replied
replies copying
copies crying
babies replying
carries hiking
copied hiked
copier nicest
happier shiny
happiest shiniest

Year 3/4 Spellings

Year 3/4 Spellings
century particular
certain peculiar
circle perhaps
complete popular
consider position
guard therefore
guide although
heard thought
heart through
height various

Spelling Revision Words

Curriculum Overview

Microsoft Word - Class 3 Curriculum Overview 2016 - 2017.docx

Think U Know




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