Welcome to Class 4

Codename: The Owls
Class Teacher: Miss P Godfrey
Classroom Assistant: Mrs T Bryant

Welcome to Class 4

As the oldest children in the school, the Owls’ class are pleased to be positive role models for the younger children and they try hard to demonstrate the school values.

They are encouraged to work hard and aim high so that they can achieve their full potential and will be ready for whatever challenges they might face in the next stage of their education. Although most of our work is through formal learning, the children are given plenty of opportunities to express themselves and present their work in fun and interesting ways including through the use of the outdoor space, art drama and the creation of class books and displays.

The children say:

“I like class 4 because when we do our lessons we always try our hardest and push ourselves” Autumn 

“What I like about class 4 is the teachers make the lessons fun.” Mariella

“I like PE and Mrs O’Neon because she is really fun.” Ryley

“I enjoyed learning about the Maya because we could make masks! And I learned lots of new exciting things.” Violet

“I love class 4 because every morning when I come in, all the teachers are smiling and push us to our targets.” Maici





The National Curriculum

If you’d like to find out more about the National Curriculum, you can visit the official National Curriculum website by clicking here. Alternatively, your child’s classroom teacher will always answer any questions that you have.

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