Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) & Assessment

We carry out regular assessment to ensure that the children feel challenged but comfortable and confident about their own abilities.

What is assessment?

At the end of Year R (the Foundation Stage), each child will be assessed against 17 key areas called the Early Learning Goals (ELG’s). This is known as the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Profile.

For each early learning goal, a child is assessed to establish whether he/she is meeting the level of development expected at the end of the Reception year (‘expected’), exceeding this level (‘exceeding’), or not yet reaching this level (‘emerging’).

The completed EYFS Profile also includes a short commentary on each child’s skills and abilities in relation to the three key characteristics of effective learning

  • playing and exploring
  • active learning
  • creating and thinking critically

This will support future curriculum planning and will provide the Year 1 teacher with important information about each child’s approach to learning.

The early years foundation stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. All schools and Ofsted-registered Early Years providers must follow the EYFS, including childminders, preschools, nurseries and school reception classes.

Further Information for Parents

You can find out more about assessment on the Foundation Years website.


What to expect, when? A parents guide


Click the image to download this guide for parents. It shows you how you can support your child during the foundation years and what you can expect from the professionals working with your child.

The National Curriculum

If you’d like to find out more about the National Curriculum, you can visit the official National Curriculum website by clicking here. Alternatively, your child’s classroom teacher will always answer any questions that you have, or you can click on the image to download the Department of Education’s National Curriculum Framework document.

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